I believe my country made a promise to military veterans and their families. Veterans have kept their end of the bargain, now it is time for me to pay them back| The planet's biggest problems have to do with sustainability, environmental decline, overpopulation, global poverty and conflict. This is all interconnected - it's one big challenge. The way we are doing things cannot go on, we need to change course drastically.| Coaching MUN Delegates towards outstanding participation and results at Model United Nations| Peace Palace The Hague: just as powerful and grand as the idea of world peace itself!| LEADERSHIP THAT BRINGS PEACE IS FAR MORE COURAGEOUS THAN THE ONE WHICH OPENS FIRE AND GOES FOR WAR| Tilburg University’s goal is to actively contribute to society. The University want to serve society and make it a better place for all citizens. Tilburg University has always actively promoted ways to firmly embed its education and research in society. It's the Universities' mission of Understanding Society, based on the Christian and humanist traditions in which the University finds its roots. Important basic principles are sustainability and diversity in the context of responsibility. Tilburg University is committed to a society based on these values| The United Nations represent not a final stage in the development of world order, but a starting stage. Its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization with an expanding peace-making potential and a growing and well grounded public faith in its ideals and principles| HONORING THE LEGACY OF VETERANS AND THE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES THEY FOUGHT FOR| We need to defend the interests of those whom we have never met - and never will| THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON YOU CAN BE IS AN INSTRUMENT OF PEACE| HOWEVER DIFFICULT IT MAY BE TO BRING ABOUT, SOME FORM OF WORLD GOVERNMENT, WITH AGREED INTERNATIONAL LAW AND MEANS OF ENFORCING LAW, IS INEVITABLE| FROM THE EQUALITY OF RIGHTS SPRINGS IDENTITY OF OUR HIGHEST INTERESTS; EQUALITY IS THE SOUL OF LIBERTY, THERE IS NO LIBERTY WITHOUT IT| More than just an end of war, people want an end to the beginning of all wars| Together we can decrease the level of violence and save lives around the world. The impact of a day of cease fire and non-violence can not be underestimated| Never underestimate the Power of a Woman| Peace is not the mere absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving differences through peaceful means: Mediation, Dialogue, Education, Knowledge| Poverty is about lack of Freedom that comes from Insecurity just as much as it is about Income Levels| Globalisation has made it clear that Social Responsibility is required not only of Governments, but of Companies and Individuals as well| Human Rights are praised more than ever – and violated as much as ever| When we do not think about future Generations, the future Generations will never forget about us| THE RIGHT OF ALL NATIONS - GREAT OR SMALL - TO HAVE WEIGHT, TO HAVE A VOTE, TO BE ATTENDED TO, TO BE PART OF THE 21ST CENTURY| Diplomacy is not a veiling of the truth. It is the ability to be sensitive to the truth| We are just People. Not much separates us| The Rights of every Man are diminished when the Rights of one Man are threatened|

Peace and Security

Human Security * Security Policy * Conflict Management * Peacekeeping * Civil-Military Interaction * State Failure * Early Warning * Security Sector Reform * Rule of Law * UNSCR 1325 * Cross-border Regions * Demobilization * Disarmament * Reintegration * Territorial Integrity * Buffer Zones * Border Monitoring


Governance * Decentralization * Transparency * Representation * Civil Administration * Pluralism * Political Finance * Multi-Party Parliamentary Systems * Parliamentary Ethics * Democratic Institution Building * Indicators of Democracy * Political Instability * Separation of Power * Political Minorities * E-Democracy


Electoral Reform * Election Observation * Electoral Management Bodies * Electoral Cycle Approach * Electoral Integrity * Ballot Access * Apportionment * Election-related Violence * Electoral Fraud * Voting Systems * Disenfranchisement * Voter Registration * Voter Education * Referenda * Advance Polls

Human Rights

Fundamental Rights * Universalism * International Humanitarian Law * Human Rights Treaties * Public Policy * Civil and Political Rights * Minority Rights * Women’s Rights * Human Rights Violations * Migration * Trafficking * Freedom of Movement * Citizen’s Empowerment * Human Rights Education


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