The United Nations represent not a final stage in the development of world order, but a starting stage. Its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization with an expanding peace-making potential and a growing and well grounded public faith in its ideals and principles| HONORING THE LEGACY OF VETERANS AND THE DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES THEY FOUGHT FOR| We need to defend the interests of those whom we have never met - and never will| The planet's biggest problems have to do with sustainability, environmental decline, overpopulation, global poverty and conflict. This is all interconnected - it's one big challenge. The way we are doing things cannot go on, we need to change course drastically.| THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON YOU CAN BE IS AN INSTRUMENT OF PEACE| HOWEVER DIFFICULT IT MAY BE TO BRING ABOUT, SOME FORM OF WORLD GOVERNMENT, WITH AGREED INTERNATIONAL LAW AND MEANS OF ENFORCING LAW, IS INEVITABLE| FROM THE EQUALITY OF RIGHTS SPRINGS IDENTITY OF OUR HIGHEST INTERESTS; EQUALITY IS THE SOUL OF LIBERTY, THERE IS NO LIBERTY WITHOUT IT| More than just an end of war, people want an end to the beginning of all wars| Together we can decrease the level of violence and save lives around the world. The impact of a day of cease fire and non-violence can not be underestimated| Never underestimate the Power of a Woman| Peace is not the mere absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving differences through peaceful means: Mediation, Dialogue, Education, Knowledge| Poverty is about lack of Freedom that comes from Insecurity just as much as it is about Income Levels| Globalisation has made it clear that Social Responsibility is required not only of Governments, but of Companies and Individuals as well| Human Rights are praised more than ever – and violated as much as ever| When we do not think about future Generations, the future Generations will never forget about us| THE RIGHT OF ALL NATIONS - GREAT OR SMALL - TO HAVE WEIGHT, TO HAVE A VOTE, TO BE ATTENDED TO, TO BE PART OF THE 21ST CENTURY| Diplomacy is not a veiling of the truth. It is the ability to be sensitive to the truth| We are just People. Not much separates us| The Rights of every Man are diminished when the Rights of one Man are threatened|

Peace and Security

Human Security * Security Policy * Conflict Management * Peacekeeping * Civil-Military Interaction * State Failure * Early Warning * Security Sector Reform * Rule of Law * UNSCR 1325 * Cross-border Regions * Demobilization * Disarmament * Reintegration * Territorial Integrity * Buffer Zones * Border Monitoring


Governance * Decentralization * Transparency * Representation * Civil Administration * Pluralism * Political Finance * Multi-Party Parliamentary Systems * Parliamentary Ethics * Democratic Institution Building * Indicators of Democracy * Political Instability * Separation of Power * Political Minorities * E-Democracy


Electoral Reform * Election Observation * Electoral Management Bodies * Electoral Cycle Approach * Electoral Integrity * Ballot Access * Apportionment * Election-related Violence * Electoral Fraud * Voting Systems * Disenfranchisement * Voter Registration * Voter Education * Referenda * Advance Polls

Human Rights

Fundamental Rights * Universalism * International Humanitarian Law * Human Rights Treaties * Public Policy * Civil and Political Rights * Minority Rights * Women’s Rights * Human Rights Violations * Migration * Trafficking * Freedom of Movement * Citizen’s Empowerment * Human Rights Education


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